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Admissions Trends

White Paper: 2023 Get Ahead of Recruitment and Admissions Trends

8 must-know findings to prepare for higher ed recruiting and admissions in 2023

Looking to get and stay ahead in 2023?

With a new year comes new and compounding challenges for admissions teams, including declining enrollment and limited resources. 

To achieve your goals this year and beyond, there are key trends recruitment and admissions teams should know and prepare for. 

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In this white paper

In the latest version of our annual Get Ahead of Recruitment and Admissions Trends white paper, discover 8 must-know findings to prepare for higher education recruiting and admissions in 2023. Dive into data, helpful strategies, and practical examples to help you get and stay ahead. 

  • Reveal 8 must-know findings to prepare for 2023 recruiting and admissions
  • Understand some key challenges impacting higher education admissions today
  • Take meaningful action with practical data and insights
  • Get more out of your admissions communications with 5 ideas for meaningful personalization and 8 topics students want to hear about
  • Learn how to ensure impactful tours for everyone, everywhere, every time
  • Discover how and why you need to tap into UGC throughout the admissions process (plus ideas for getting started right away)
  • Tap into the power of social media, including TikTok
  • Boost engagement among students, parents, and other supporters (even without contact information)
  • Uncover ideas for acing the moment of acceptance, including 5 musts
  • And more!

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