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2022 Get Ahead of Recruitment and Admissions Trends

6 strategies to prepare for 2022-2023 recruiting and admissions

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What does 2022 hold in store for higher education recruitment and admissions teams?

It’s a new year, and uncertainty is once again on the rise. What that means for recruitment and admissions teams: Flexibility will once again be key.

Things can shift — and fast. While colleges and universities are better equipped to handle potential pivots than before, there are key trends recruitment and admissions teams should be aware of and prepared for.


Reveal six strategies to help you prepare for some of the notable recruitment and admissions challenges 2022 brings. Dive into data and practical strategies to help prepare for whatever this year holds in store.

Ideas you can use

  • Successfully navigate current recruitment and admissions trends
  • Tap into relevant data and insights to help inform decision-making
  • Reveal how to reach prospective and accepted students where they already are and increase engagement
  • Learn to create a truly impactful moment of acceptance
  • See the role social media should play in your strategies
  • Discover ways to future-proof key recruitment and admissions engagement opportunities, including campus visits
  • Evaluate existing processes to drive meaningful improvement
  • And more!
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