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On-Demand Virtual Learning Session

Reverse enrollment decline with strategies to excite, engage, empower, and enroll students.

In this on-demand virtual learning session, reveal actionable ideas for staying competitive and reversing enrollment decline.

Course Correct: Reverse Declining Enrollment Rates

6 strategies to help your institution boost enrollment and stay competitive

Webinar - reverse declining enrollment rates

Competition is up. For many, this means enrollment is down. 

But there are ways to reverse this downward trend, stand out from other education options, and get enrollment rates back on track. 

Watch this on-demand virtual learning session to reveal practical strategies to help reverse declining enrollment and stay competitive.

You'll learn

  • Key challenges impacting enrollment rates today
  • What to know about college-bound students, including what they’re looking for from higher education institutions
  • 6 data-based strategies to help boost student engagement and enrollment
  • Ideas for amplifying existing efforts and empowering your team to succeed
  • How other institutions are applying these strategies and taking action
  • And more!

Meet your presenters

Kailey MacDonald

Kailey MacDonald

Customer Success Manager

Full Measure

Jacob Hoggard

Jacob Hoggard

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Full Measure

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