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The Dos and Don'ts for an Impactful Acceptance Moment

Seven strategies for creating a memorable moment of acceptance (and seven things you should avoid)

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The moment of acceptance is a powerful opportunity to drive enrollment and matriculation. Are you doing enough to make that moment truly special? 

This infographic explores what higher education institutions should and shouldn’t do to ace the moment of acceptance. 

  • Reveal 7 strategies for impactful acceptance processes (and 7 things to avoid)
  • Identify critical improvement opportunities in existing processes
  • Drive enrollment and matriculation

The Dos and Don'ts for an Impactful Acceptance Moment


  • Leverage outbound texting to make the announcement, enabling students to get the news faster and where it counts.
  • Highlight key information and next steps right at the moment of acceptance.
  • Give students a quick and easy way to share the news directly with family and other supporters, ensuring an impactful and purposeful experience.
  • Amplify the celebration by making it easy to share the good news on social media channels, including Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook.
  • Provide ongoing support to students, such as sharing information about tours and other accepted student events.
  • Gather parent contact information and provide relevant information, like next steps and deadlines, throughout the process.
  • Use metrics and insights to further personalize follow-up engagements and improve the overall acceptance process.


  • Rely solely on “snail mail” or email for sending decision announcements.
  • Forgo a clear call to action, leaving students to guess what comes next.
  • Miss the opportunity to create a memorable experience for parents, siblings, and other supporters who can potentially sway a student’s decision.
  • Skip the recognition and celebration stage, creating a lackluster experience for accepted students.
  • Go radio silent after making the initial announcement, leaving a student’s decision entirely to chance.
  • Limit interactions to accepted students or serve up irrelevant content to families.
  • Overlook the power of data at this stage by not collecting or applying it in a meaningful way.

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