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Campus Visit Experience

User-Generated Content Trends Colleges & Universities Need to Know to Improve Tours

Explore 6 data-backed findings higher ed admissions and marketing teams need to know about leveraging user-generated content (UGC) in campus tours and practical ideas for getting started.

Looking to boost engagement and enrollment? Put UGC in your campus tours.

Higher education enrollment is down and college competition is up — way up. To stand out from other education options and get students to apply and officially enroll, institutions need to make the most of every engagement opportunity. Especially campus visits.

Students continue to cite college tours as a key factor in their decision-making. But to ensure your tours are really pulling their weight and creating a memorable, positive impression among prospective students, user-generated content (UGC) is key.

UGC Campus Tours

In this white paper

Explore six data-backed findings higher education institutions’ admissions and marketing teams need to know about leveraging UGC in campus tours. Plus, reveal practical ideas and examples for getting started. 

  • Dive into data to understand the power of UGC in tours and where to focus your efforts
  • Unveil practical ideas for showcasing what your college or university is actually like and use that to draw in more students
  • Authentically create a sense of community right from the beginning
  • Discover what students really want from UGC, including which voices to include and how
  • See how institutions across the nation are successfully including UGC in tours
  • Learn how to successfully gather and incorporate UGC in campus visits
  • Save your admissions and marketing teams’ time and money with strategies they can put into practice right away
  • Get started today with 3 tips for gathering and using UGC at your institution
  • And more!

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