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On-Demand Virtual Learning Session

Innovative admissions strategies that help

In this on-demand virtual learning session, discover how institutions large and small are reimagining the admissions process to take students from “you’re in” to in the door.

Excite, engage, enroll: How institutions are maximizing admissions

Two institutions reveal how they’re reimagining the acceptance process and driving big results

Webinar - Excite Engage Enroll undated

Getting accepted students in the door requires more than just a “you’re in” packet in the mail — especially for institutions looking to boost enrollment amid increased competition. 

But what does improving the admissions process and amplifying the moment of acceptance really look like in practice? 

Join Kennesaw State University and Illinois College for an on-demand virtual learning session on how to maximize your admissions process to better excite, engage, and officially enroll students.

You'll learn

  • Practical strategies for standing out from the competition, no matter the size of your institution
  • What Kennesaw State University and Illinois College are doing to improve the admissions process while operating more leanly — and the results they’re seeing
  • How to employ an effective mobile communication strategy for admissions and ideas for getting started
  • The role of social media in the acceptance process and how to tap into it 
  • Ideas for breaking through the noise and building brand recognition
  • Much more!

Meet your presenters

Jordan Stevenson

Jordan Stevenson

Director of Student Recruitment
Kennesaw State University

Sara-Jean Gilbert

Sara-Jean Gilbert

Associate Director of Admission
Illinois College

Jacob Hoggard

Jacob Hoggard

Enterprise Customer Success Manager
Full Measure

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