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Learning Session

Struggling with increased competition? Level up your tours.

In this on-demand virtual learning session, discover how to enhance your tours to drive applications and boost enrollment.

Webinar - Get & Stay Ahead Make Campus Tours Your Competitive Edge
Learning Session

Get & Stay Ahead: Make Campus Tours Your Competitive Edge

How to level up your tours to combat increased competition, drive applications, and boost enrollment

The research is in: There are fewer college-bound students, and they’re considering more higher education options than ever before. 

With this increased competition, how do you ensure your college or university stands out from the pack? 

Campus tours can be your secret tool for getting and staying ahead — but only when they meaningfully engage students, address their individual needs, and answer the questions that matter most to them. 

Watch this on-demand virtual learning session to discover how to turn tours into your competitive edge for increasing discoverability, driving interest, and boosting enrollment. 

You’ll learn: 

  • Why acing tours is critical — especially now
  • 7 musts for impactful tours that drive application volume and enrollment
  • How other institutions use tours to stand out from other education options
  • Practical ideas for broadening your institution’s reach and increasing its discoverability
  • Actionable strategies for using tours to move the needle on KPIs, including application volume, enrollment, and matriculation
  • How the first-of-its-kind partnership between Full Measure and Mass Interact can benefit your institution
  • And more! 

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Meet your presenters:

Kailey MacDonald

Kailey MacDonald

Head of Customer Success
Full Measure

Glen Franchi

Glen Franchi

Global Director
Mass Interact

Full Measure + Mass Interact = A win for higher education

Boost tour participation

Improve student engagement

Increase applications

Drive enrollment & matriculation

And that's only the beginning.

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Breaking news: First-of-Its-Kind Partnership Inked to Help Institutions Increase Tour Access and Impact

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New partnership enables institutions to increase their discoverability and employ a comprehensive approach to tours

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