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Virtual Learning Session

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Unlock the full potential of your campus tours with our on-demand webinar.

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Virtual Learning Session

Let the students tell your story

For years we've known the positive correlation between campus visit attendance and a student's decision for application and enrollment. However, reports show traveling for a campus visit is one of the largest barriers low-income applicants face, and access to relevant information has become a unique challenge that impedes matriculation.

In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn:

  • What students really want when it comes to campus visits — and how that’s changed in recent years
  • Practical strategies for transforming your on-campus and virtual tours into personalized, authentic, and accessible experiences
  • How Colorado State University overcame familiar challenges and redesigned their campus visits
  • About the first of its kind EdTech partnership with TikTok and how to leverage this growing platform.


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Ben Hills

Ben Hills

Head of Product
Full Measure Education