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The power of mobile communications in higher education admissions

Looking to better recruit Gen Z students?

Need a better way to reach and engage students throughout the decision-making process?

Want to boost enrollment?

A mobile communication strategy could be the answer your institution is looking for. This infographic highlights the importance of mobile communications for college and university admissions.


Put a mobile communication strategy for admissions in place at your institution.

Here’s why (and how).

Effective communication is about more than just getting the word out. Factors like who you’re reaching out to, when, and how all play a role — as does the actual message you’re sending. 

For colleges and universities looking to better reach and engage prospective students (especially Gen Z), there’s no better method than a mobile communication strategy. 

This infographic explores the power of mobile communications in higher education admissions with more than 10 stats to know when designing your admissions communication strategy. Plus, it shares how to get started with or enhance a mobile comms approach at your institution. 

Infographic - Why mobile comms for admissions (1)-01-1

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Learn more about how and why to implement a mobile communication strategy for admissions at your institution.

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