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Learning Session

This spring and beyond, ensure your campus visits are

Learn how to welcome visitors back the right way and make the most of this pivotal engagement opportunity in this on-demand virtual learning session.

CVE webinar - Spring into Action How to Welcome Visitors Back to Campus
Virtual Learning Session

Spring into Action: How to Welcome Visitors Back to Campus

Practical strategies for engaging visitors and making the most of in-person campus visits this spring and beyond

This spring semester marks a notable milestone for many higher education institutions: The return to on-campus visitors! After months or even years of anticipation, what steps should you take to make every visitor feel welcome? How can you ensure they find value in their visit (and that it’s personalized to them)? What should you communicate before, during, and after the visit to provide additional value and ensure relevancy? 

Watch this on-demand virtual learning session on how to welcome visitors back to campus and make the most of this pivotal engagement opportunity. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to ensure memorable and relevant visits 
  • Practical strategies for engaging everyone from prospective students and their families to new and returning tour guides
  • What to share and when, including communications for before, during, and after campus visits (whether in-person or virtual)
  • The value of tour data and how to tap into actionable metrics and insights (including individual visitor’s interests and engagement data)
  • And more!

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Meet your presenter:

Chris Silva

Dr. Christopher Silva

Director of Campus Experience
Full Measure

Dr. Christopher Silva (he/him/his) has nearly 20 years of experience working at higher education institutions, supporting student learning and activities, guest services, sustainability programs, online/distance education, fraternity/sorority life, and more. Most recently, he served as the Director of Housing at American University where he was responsible for the operations of a residential community of 4,200 residents and $50 million in revenue. He has also worked at the University of Denver, Hamad bin Khalifa University, University of Nebraska, and Utah State University and served on the ACUHOI board as the Director of Business Operations & Practices and the Chair of the Future of Housing Taskforce. 

Dr. Silva received his Bachelor's degree from Utah State University (International Studies) and Master's degrees from the University of Nebraska (Counseling/Student Affairs) and Harvard University (Environmental Management). He also holds a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from the University of Denver. He currently serves as the Director of Campus Experiences at Full Measure and, as a native of Brazil who spent most of his life living abroad, calls both the US and Qatar home.