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Graduation Celebration Experience

The Ultimate Guide to Acing Graduation

Six key strategies to ensure truly memorable higher education graduations — in-person, virtual, or both

Graduating from a college or university is a huge milestone for students and a point of pride for friends and family. Are you doing enough to make your institution’s graduation celebration truly special and flexible in case you need to pivot at a moment’s notice?


In this guide

Unlock 6 flexible and scalable strategies for acing in-person, virtual, and hybrid graduations. Learn how to easily and effectively implement each strategy to ensure a graduation celebration that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

  • Effortlessly pivot graduation formats at a moment’s notice if needed, such as going from in-person to virtual
  • Drive internal efficiencies and empower staff
  • Increase accessibility and give everyone a way to meaningfully participate in the big day
  • Streamline in-person processionals while celebrating each individual graduate
  • Drive engagement before, during, and after graduation
  • Enhance your celebration with personalization, text messaging, social media, and more
  • Learn how to reach and engage with families and other guests
  • And more!

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