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Campus Visit Experience

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Campus Visits

Six key strategies to improve your higher education institution's tours – on campus and off.

Campus visits are a critical engagement opportunity that too many institutions leave to chance. For prospective students and their families, tours play a critical role in understanding what an institution has to offer and directly impacting where students apply and ultimately attend.


In this guide

Unlock six practical strategies for ensuring impactful, engaging campus visits — whether in-person or virtual. Plus, learn how to easily implement these strategies and check out the results a four-year public institution in Colorado saw after taking action to improve tours. 

  • Evaluate your current tour offerings and identify opportunities for meaningful improvement
  • Reveal 6 flexible and scalable strategies for improving institution-led, self-guided, and virtual campus visit
  • Tap into critical statistics that can help you make data-informed decisions about tours
  • See how institutions across the nation are improving campus visits, along with some of their results
  • Learn more about the campus visit experience

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